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About me:I love music ... should you need to say anything more??? "If I won the lottery..." I would for certain travel the globe following ll my favorite bands - and that list grows more everyday!
Member Since:November 24, 2007
Last Login:August 6, 2008
Location:West Palm Beach, FL
Birthday:August 20
Music means to me:Life, Love, Liberty .... the expression of peace which can flow through every man, woman and child that lives and breathes!
Schools:Graduated High School .... Been trying to pay for college .... Student until I cannot breathe any longer!
General Interests:um .... sleep, really good food, good beer, good wine, bourbon ... Some high times .... I enjoy a lot of things.... Being active, riding my bike .... YOGA .... the list goes on & on
Other Distractions:The ever elusive love of my life!


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