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About me:I'm am a spirit who is all about helping our culture and community enduce the relization of this thing we call life.I'm a dreadhead-Deadhead who enjoys family and music all mixed together to make a grate mixture.I Love meeting beautiful spirits who truly know what's up in life.I love going to shows and festis and dancing to the point i get thown spiritually into this leviative mind set where I am dancing off the energy I've helped create with all the other spirits dancing around me. It's what I live for. It's a little piece of heaven everytime.
I dont know why I'm putting this in here but my Idea of heaven would be this amazing Dead show that just never ended. beautiful people all around, and all the people you love and want all around.Dancing all day and all night long.
Member Since:January 7, 2007
Last Login:May 26, 2010
Location:Columbus, OH
Birthday:September 11
Music means to me:Music=Life. Everything is based on sound. The entire evolution of our existance is based on sound.Music does something for me that just is constantly evolving me into these new levels of musicology. It's a beautiful thing.
Art Institute Of Pittsburgh,
General Interests:God,Love,Music,Life,Jerry ,family, GD, Herb, People, Shows, Traveling, Collecting Shows, Drawing, Festis', Dreaming and the subconscious, Dancing, astral projection, Sacred Activation,
Other Distractions:GD movies,Kevin smith films, Around the Fire,, Good Fellas, The God father movies
I dont watch tV.
hunter thompson books, Electric koolade acid test