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About me:Loud Rock n Roller jam band kinda guy. I don't act my age and I never will. So there! So, um, I don't know what to say here right now why don't you like, ask me about it??!!
Member Since:April 25, 2010
Last Login:January 25, 2011
Location:Bend, OR
Birthday:November 28
Music means to me:Music is one in me and through all people everywhere. Even some animals. Like a smile, music is the universal language. It is my breath, my strength and fears, my soul. It all vibrates in and around me at "that frequency". You know the one, when you fall in love, or you are victorious, even at that frequency you heard, saw and felt when you were scared out of your shoes.
"Rock On! 'Til the Tone Gods are Bone!" (My quote to the world.)
Schools:Never much cared for em
General Interests:Spirituality, Martial arts, Motorcycles, Serious Blues guitar playin'
Other Distractions:Seems like my day job is always ffffing up my good times


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