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About me:The Good:
I enjoy refereeing HS wrestling, wearing my sunglasses, drinking bourbon (Basil Hayden on a good nite, Jim Beam every other), and meditating.

The Bad:
I hate golf, guns, and shaving (I do it under protest). I don't mind wearing a noose (errr...tie) everyonce in a while...but every day sucks!


The Ugly:
I will have my love handles for as long as I drink beer and eat pizza, so you can probably figure out how that is going to turn out. (Ha)
Member Since:August 23, 2009
Last Login:March 3, 2015
Location:Newington, CT
Birthday:August 3
Music means to me:I appreciate artist, especially artist that let me use their work for my own theraputic benefit. I f'in love dancin!
Schools:Hard Knocks
General Interests:I work hard, volunteer my time, my kids think I am a great Dad, and I like to unwind (i'm pretty good at that). I travel as much as possible (I work out in California every few months) and in my spare time I enjoy everything from hiking peaks, camping in the woods, beaches, resorts...and FESTIVALS, FESTIVALS, FESTIVALS, CONCERTS, CONCERTS, CONCERTS!!!!
Other Distractions:Positano, Italy was one of my favorite places to visit (google-image it!) and I am looking forward to returning. I've also been to Czech Rep, Budapest, Switzerland, Spain (Costa Del Sol), Austria, Netherlands (Amsterdam was A+), France, Mexico, Canada, and worked/travel in Germany for 4 months. I have been to many US states including all of the Eastern Seaboard, a few Midwestern States I liked and some I did not care for (rhymes with Biowa), and recently I drove from San Diego up the PCH to Big Sur and then Monterey (Great ride). I have a few more States to go. If you couldn't tell by now, I love to travel.


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