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About me:Nice to meet you. I'm Mike Swenson, 28, out of Bismarck, ND by way of Minneapolis, MN and wherever else I happen to be.

I'm a singer, songwriter, wanderer, and overall friendly guy. And music is my way of keeping sane and enjoying this life while I've got it.

You can find me in bars, coffee shops, bowling alleys, bookstores, and just about any other venue that has room on their stage for a scruffy musician to share his thoughts.

I also run an organization called Graveyard Blues Project (presents), putting on monthly showcases to help original artists get their music heard. Hope to see you there sometime.
Member Since:December 31, 2008
Last Login:February 2, 2009
Location:Minneapolis, MN
Birthday:January 21
Music means to me:Music is our soul escaping. One note at a time, reabsorbed and reprocessed on a nightly basis.
General Interests:Movies, politics, writing, poetry, gambling (or rather, how to actually WIN) , women, music, and more music.
Other Distractions:women, casinos, roadside attractions, shiny objects.

MSwenson's Journal

12/31/2008 - Contact info, dates, etc.
Wed 12/31/2008 1:42PM
So I'm a bit confused as to just how exactly this site works.  I got an email that said someone added my profile to this site...and then I tried to sign in to update that profile and ended up creating a profile of my own, which apparently is different from the Music one.    So if calendar dates are screwy I apologize in advance.   The best way to reach me is  @  

All shows are updated on the ReverbNation calendar and site (for MN shows anyways)

I'm looking forward to another great year of music here in the Midwest, and will continue to run Graveyard Blues Project (presents) to the best of my ability.  We have a lot of awesome music around here that could use some serious promoting. And with your help, we can keep it happening.    I'm also hoping to get another cd released and tour again as soon as possible.  In the meantime,  I wish you all a great year and I hope to see you at a show somewhere down the line.