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About me:a.k.a thekidd,donny darko
make the myths-er,collector of music in any form (if you have any 8-tracks i am in the market),one of the only prog rock lovers in san francisco ..besides dennis cook,spinner of records,lover of notes (each one of them),make-shift guitarist,....a 'given great' now lets go from there conversationalist,..a wonderer of what happened to the big rock shows, also waiting for the day digital music can be symphonic...and i am talking about the feeling in your chest not the regurgitated ones and zeros...
Member Since:July 20, 2000
Last Login:June 9, 2012
Location:San Francisco, CA
Birthday:January 10
Music means to me:"without music, life would be an error" for me (f.n.). music has and always will be my only true will to be.... "they teach you there's a boundry line to music and its specific genres. but, man, there's no boundry line to art"(c.p). "you are the music while the music lasts"(t.s.e). one thing i do know is that most of us go to our graves with our music still inside of us...i for one will let others music in and with all my power get those songs out of my head that are there with me each day... be it my own or others,,,
General Interests:reapandsow music is not only my general interest but also my life and being. i also find time to have the following other interests which are....SEEING LIVE MUSIC,music,music websites,music magazines and talking with my friends about music. playing music, spinning music,and helping musicians bring their music to the people who need to hear it ((())).
Other Distractions:m-theory, string theory,fibonacci numbers,the book -hit men (if you think you know the record business and how it got started and dont know this book..you should really check yourself),movies -god father, vaction


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