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About me:I live in the ATL and I eat, sleep and breathe to music....I enjoy all types and Im not one to discriminate. I do promo for a lot of local bands in the ATL area and I love what I do. I love to dance and get down and Im always up to party and have a good time. Lifes a trip so enjoy the ride!
Member Since:February 1, 2006
Last Login:June 17, 2012
Location:San Francisco, CA
Birthday:October 8
Music means to me:Music is one of the most effective means of expression. It can help convey thoughts, emotions, or concepts that people would otherwise disregard, and its influencial ability to change the wave of thought is amazing. I enjoy such a wide variety of music in different genres because I think that no matter what type of music it is classified to be, it is the one thing that holds the world and its people together. Thousands of people can get together at a festival and all of those people, even if for just a few days, are all witnessing the same music experience at the same time and connecting through it. thats kung fu shit.
General Interests:reading, writing, dancing like a fool, meeting people, travelling, anything that expands your mind and lets you express your creative outlets. everyone has em, so lets use em!
Other Distractions:I'm an aspiring writer and poet and am looking forward to publishing a novel soon, being inspired by authors such and Ralph Waldo Emerson, Jack Kerouac,and Timothy Leary. I also feel the urge to be a giraffe, but we wont talk about that one.


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