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About me:Left handed Red headed Blind Artist, lol. Right now i'm taking care of buisness working nights loading rail cars and helping run a soy plant. Fun Fun. I hope to go to MCAD College in Minnesota in the next year and and work on my artistic skills. If that falls through you will see me in Washington, Oregon or maybe North Cali. Love to have fun and party, laugh with friends, and pretend to know what I'm talking about. Be sure to catch me with a smile.
Member Since:June 29, 2008
Last Login:December 22, 2011
Location:Carroll, IA
Birthday:December 20
Music means to me:Music is the emotion, creation, and soul in every breath I breathe. Without it I'm just dust on the Earth
General Interests:All of the arts, nature, expression, freedom, good hearted people, adventure, conversation, musical instuments, anything that brings joy to life
Other Distractions:Beautiful women! lol (inside and out of course)


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