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About me:Life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself (Myself). My totem animal is a CROW its pretty coool I AM CROW ahahaa. and just like Albert Einstein said "I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. " I dwar a lot and make cool shit, like dream catchers and TAH-MA-HAWKS. YOu live long and ill live long and prosper.
Member Since:January 5, 2011
Last Login:February 28, 2012
Location:Golden, CO
Birthday:August 31
Music means to me:Breath, freedom, expression, time, perfection, trance, tool, escape, RJD2, Vibes, stimulation stimulating. Music brings someone alive. When its quiet and there is a beat we all tune in and try to listen, analyze it, and make something from it, when really it is what it is. Its a sound a vibration made by someone to express them selves for a better mind set. Music has been around sense the world has been around.
Schools:Warren Tech, Compass Montessori Secondary school, Golden High, Flood Middle school and Kyffen Elementary.
General Interests:Mountaineering, Adventure, Nature, My enviroment, smoking spirits Blue or Grey pack PLEASE. picking up my cigarette butts. Learning about My native American Ancestors, planning on being a counselor to Native Americans.
Other Distractions:WEED


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