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About me:I'm ~HeeF~ ... i dont really know what you wanna know about me ... i love music of all varieties, shapes, and sizes ... i love goin to shows and festivals and having good times with good people ... other than that whatever you wanna know ask me and well see if we cant find an answer for ya
Member Since:February 21, 2002
Last Login:January 28, 2009
Location:Piscataway, NJ
Birthday:October 14
Music means to me:Music expresses that which cannot be expressed in words and that which cannot be kept silent~ Victor Hugo
Schools:i like to think im pretty smart ... graduated highschool ... have plenty of college credits too bad they dont fill the requirements for any particular degree ... i just take classes i like and worry about all that later .... knowledge is power
General Interests:sports (mainly baseball and hockey and frisbee and hackeysack if those are sports) ... hiking ... camping ... fishing ... outdoorsy stuff .... other than that anything where you can have a good time and enjoy yourself
Other Distractions:everythings i do is a distraction from something else i could be doing ... but what can ya do ... cant be 2 places at once or at least i havent figured out how yet ... workin on it tho


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