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About me:It's easy to see the bigger picture when you live high on a mountian.
Member Since:May 6, 2005
Last Login:March 21, 2014
Location:Colorado Springs, CO
Birthday:September 21
Music means to me:I just listen to the like the radio, and ummm like mtv and stuff.
General Interests:shows, shows, roadtrips to shows. snowboarding, blacking out, recreational chemistry, good talks with new and old freinds, rock climbing, camping, mtn. biking, scuba, traveling, reading, disc golf, living in colorado.
Other Distractions:New favorite author DANIEL QUINN. Wonna see life through a completly different perspective? go pick up his book Ishmael. It's life changing.
Others: Louis Carroll, Jon Kraukhaur, Jack London, Hunter S. Thompson, Tom Wolf, biographies, history, psychology, and porn.

Don't watch much TV. But when I do Man vs. Wild, South Park, Aqua Teen, Dog the Bounty Hunter.

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