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About me:Staying upbeat and positive is the only way to go through life. Sometimes I lose sight of that and music usually brings me back...that and an ice cold brew or stiff drink! Father of two wonderful kids and have a great wife. My only complaint is that not many shows I want to see come to town...but hey, there are worse things in the world.
Member Since:August 30, 2010
Last Login:About 15 hours ago
Location:Des Moines, IA
Birthday:August 30
Music means to me:My style of music has really changed a lot as I have grown up...maybe grown up is a poor term. I like to let loose and just go with the flow and music suits that very well. It helps me stay positive and ready for life.
Schools:University of Iowa
General Interests:My kids come first but sports and the outdoors are where I spend most of my time. Traveling would be up there also but not on a teachers budget!

And always interested in getting another drink!!!


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