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About me:I love craziness! I get bored pretty easily, and I like to have things in my life that can keep me entertained. My friends are a huge part of my life, and going to concerts are another. I like playing outside... camping, hiking, and things of that matter. I am always down for something new and exciting. That is what life is all about!
Member Since:August 11, 2003
Last Login:December 13, 2011
Location:Decatur, GA
Birthday:April 3
Music means to me:the world! Someone once asked me if I had to be deaf or blind which would I choose to be... I would have to say blind, because I wouldn't be able survive without hearing music.
Schools:Centennial High School, Valdosta State University
General Interests:I play tennis, I love to travel, I try to go camping as much as possible, and I have an addiction to dancing!
Other Distractions:I dont feel like starting this list; it will take to long. Lets just say my day isn't complete unless I get to watch Saved by the bell in the morning.


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