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About me:About me... me..... mme..... you.... r reading this, interested in me...... i'm in switzerland now, spent 10 crazy years in the states but now I'm here, chillin trying to find somewhere to place myself or find a way to place everything else around me,,, in a way, where i can simpley be. I was lucky enough to have had the time to make some insane friendships in the states which have brought me a many realizations and expereinces. waaahooo Also gotta see some fuckin phenomal bands who have taken me places during shows only children can believe are real. I love leaving a festival knowing that it will only continue through those small few who come together in spirit of MUSIC!!!!! Using music to find my way through this twisted path of life. Remember not to forget the rest of world. Don't step on the grass, smoke it. Peace
Member Since:June 18, 2004
Last Login:August 24, 2011
Location:Adliswil, SWI
Music means to me:Its how we bring to life the vibrations of the universe.
Schools:Beacon School of NYC
General Interests:Music, outdoors, peace, meeting the ppl of the world and sharing my music and hope to hear some of theirs
Other Distractions:wouldn't call much of anything a distraction


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