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About me:Turtle Vision Media is sharing documentation of the Magnificence of BEING HUMAN. We are doing this through broadcasting the availability of it's presentations over the social networks and news media networks on the internet. Connecting with this larger expression of humanity and enjoying the expanding community, Turtle Vision Media invites those willing to participate in this documentation and presentation of our modern culture to contact us and be part of the expression.
Member Since:November 5, 2007
Last Login:March 19, 2009
Location:Nevada City, CA
Birthday:March 26
Music means to me:Music is birds singing, the wind dancing trees, water flowing. Expressed through humans, music is the soul sharing in the dance of life within the awareness of "WE ARE".
Schools:Eternal Experience
General Interests:Well Being and sharing the awareness of Living Food with the world through the educational programs of SunFlower Sam.
Other Distractions:Being a Divine Co-Creator with Source.


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Turtle Vision Media is Social Media
Fri 1/4/2008 12:13AM

Turtle Vision Media has built a solid foundation of success, with over five years of internet presentations of wonderful images of "Life in Performance", both still and video. TVM now cracks open it's shell and emerges out onto the beach, splashing into the water, and swimming into the ocean of "Social Media"! With a growing team of corespondents experiencing our culture in the now, we have an increased level if interesting news documentary being expressed through our rapidly expanding social broadcasting networks.

Medicine Buddha Mandala
Sun 12/16/2007 1:18PM