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About me:You know her life was saved by rock and roll...
Member Since:October 20, 2004
Last Login:October 6, 2015
Location:Jamaica Plain, MA
Birthday:March 13
Music means to me:Music is my savior, I was maimed by rock and roll. I was maimed by rock and roll. I was tamed by rock and roll, I got my name from rock and roll.
Schools:Northwestern University
General Interests:rockin' out, playing hard, waxing nostalgic, dancing til I pass out, cooking with curry, losing my mind, staring at the sky, kissing constantly, laughing til it hurts, chasing sticks with my puppy, driving remote places, challenging authority, losing inhibitions, loving as much as I can...
Other Distractions:Indie movies, The New Yorker, ESPN (sports in general), HBO/Showtime shows, The Daily Show, etc...


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