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Wed 6/4/2008 1:57PM
...well, today is Wednesday.  Yeehaw.  LOL.  I'm home, bored and sleepy.  I have class tomrorow at 8am and have a sweet test at 11ish.  Mountain Jam was this past weekend...totally rocked.  It was my 1st Mtn Jam which is nice.  I volunteered which was way fun and I got to meet Warren Haynes.  He signed my 'staff' shirt. 
I just found out today that Jambaloosa has been cancelled :(  Idk.  The guy I called didn't really know much about it then gave me a number to call but it's long distance so I can't.  Apparently The WuTang Clan was supposed to be playing it....weird.  I'm mostly excited about the fact that it's on 600 acres and has a cave w/ a stage.  That's my jam right there.