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About me:"The Average Joes Eclectic Jam Parade!" "...with their own multifarious style and feel along with blend of changes and structures, they distinguish themselves from the routine or expected. All being composers, there is no end to their expanding repertoire or imagination. Melodic jams, hooks & lyrics, straight up punk to driving folk & hard rock, a different kind of feel and sound for todays Original Rock.
They've been featured on WRCN Radio, Long Island NY, Scrub Radio, Jango, and more. They've opened for National acts & support their fellow artists as part of "The Average Joes Eclectic Jam Parade!". They have supported their community, friends, fellow musicians and charities playing fundraisers and benefits.
They consist of a Prog Keysman, Blues Guitarist, Classic Melodic Rock Bassist, Metal Drummer & Classically trained lead singer. This is eclectic at its BEST!" ...member ASCAP
Member Since:October 3, 2011
Last Login:April 8, 2012
Location:Mattituck, NY
Birthday:August 21
Music means to me:There are 3 things to make life full... Peace, Love & Music~
Music is a gift to be shared. It's the soul of a person being released in its own unique way. With a band, its the ultimate result of what comes from the individuality of each person adding what they feel. There's a fusion of style that takes each song on its own unique journey. You must be at peace first and foremost with what your writing, playing and doing. Then you can truly embrace the joy of its sharing...

General Interests:Woodstock, Festivals, Hippies, Networking


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