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About me:A funky-fusion jamband out of Wall Township New Jersey. This eager young quartet digs deep into music to find new ways to entertain listeners and work to expand the fusion/rock music culture as a whole. Their powerful bass grooves, melodic drum beats, soul-enriched guitar riffs/solos, and brilliant keyboard/synth work have been developing more and more as time goes on, turning more people onto the juice. LJ started by playing such venues as The Saint and The Stone Pony in asbury park opening for such artists as: Keller Williams, Juggling Suns, Splintered Sunlight, Karmic Juggernaut, Quimy Mt. Band, and many many more. Be Sure to check out Lemon Juice at www.myspace.com/lemonjuicetunes
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Member Since:July 7, 2008
Last Login:October 18, 2011
Location:Belmar, NJ
Birthday:June 25
Music means to me:Music means more then words could ever possibly explain. Its the only way to speak, cry, scream, laugh, or completely let go/enjoy yourself without the aid and helping hand of magic spells. Music is the best never ending christmas gift known to man-kind. If there was one man who invented music in general, he would be worshiped extravagantly.......
General Interests:Music, Fun new fans, good dancers, and just overall cool people with good taste in living life.


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