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About me:**"At the subquantum root of all Materiality sprawls the indivisible omniversal flux of pure unqualified Consciousness. It is the omnipresent Alpha and Omega of all processes and all activity in the cosmos; its energetic verve powers both the spin of the smallest electron and the revolution of the vastest stars. With glowing eagerness it impels Matter’s evolutionary ascent to further complexification, each new species better adapting the cosmic playground for greater manifestations of conscious activity than the last.

**Enlightenment is not an altered psychological state, a delusional happenstance of neurochemistry, but is instead a supremely natural occurrence that arises when our moment-to-moment flow of awareness comes into dynamic alignment with the flow of the living cosmos as it is being continually created.

**As the poet Rabindrananth Tagore realized: "Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because dawn has come."
Member Since:March 15, 2009
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Location:Edmond, OK
Birthday:April 20
Music means to me:It is a unique Language of Consciousness spanning all forms of Matter.....
General Interests:Viewing all types of Art, Bowling, Backpacking, Working out, Reading, Bashing Politics, Geography of the World, Anthropology, Psychology, OuterSpace
Other Distractions:A Psychedelic thinker is not only a skilled navigator of the deeper realms of consciousness, but also someone who has decided to actively participate in the evolution of consciousness itself. More importantly, psychedelic thinkers never assume that their current answers are final. People who believe they have uncovered the one and only answer to the eternal mystery of life form religions.

Every child born into this world arrives as a full fledged psychedelic thinker. A rare few, like the current Dalai Lama, never lose this perspective. For most of us, however, the universal consciousness with which we began life on Earth is gradually narrowed and boxed in until our view of existence conforms to that of our parents, teachers, friends, and family. By the time we have completed the first few years of schooling we are no longer creatures of the cosmos. We have become creatures of our culture, and psychedelic thinking has faded into the dim recesses of our minds. It is extremely difficult to break out of the mental prisons that are imposed upon us, largely as a result of the family into which we chose to incarnate. The reason we see so few adult psychedelic thinkers today is that the first step in restoring our cosmic identity is to ask a very difficult question. That question is, “Why do you believe what you believe?” Until you are able to understand why you believe a certain proposition, you are working in the dark.
(Lawrence Hagerty)


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