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About me:I'll start off by saying I'd like to think I'm pretty down to earth, but who the hell knows!? I go by Brendan, and I'm 24 from Manchester, CT. Music is pretty much my life and 90% of the time, I have some kind of song going through my head...sometimes its an actual song, other times its just a collection of beats or harmonies that i try to work into a symphony that nobody will ever here. Concerts and seeing live music has become a huge part of my existence here on this earth...eventually I'd like to make music and tour the world all while expanding my horizons as not only a musician, but as a person as well. For now I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist with my own practice and I also work at the massage school I graduated from as a Mr. Fix-It/Handyman/Jack of all trades. This summer I'm starting a food vending business that will be serving Steak & Cheese's and a few other items at music festivals and fairs. So with that said, it can pretty much be said that I dig cooking...i really like to BBQ and I love to eat. A few other things I'm really in to include watching movies...being outdoors...soccer...running...playing with my goofy dog Rigby...hangin out with friends...hiking...biking...but most of all, enjoying life!

My Pet Peeves:

~Slow/Bad/Idiot Drivers

~Walking in to spider webs


~Girls that wear their boots over their jeans (past 3rd grade)

~Having a runny nose

~Mosquito bites

~People who play mind games


~Douchebags, Assholes, Jerks, Mean people, People who use you, Ignorant, and/or Shallow people

~People who litter

~Wet Sock (you know what i mean...when you step in something wet while wearing socks)

~Flathead screws...Phillips head is where its at!

~Burnt Food


The Simple Things In Life That I Love:

~A nice long shower on a saturday or sunday afternoon!

~Beautiful skies (sunrises, sunsets, or cool looking clouds, etc.)

~Meeting random new people wherever i go!

~That feeling you get inside at a concert or just hanging out...that one that bubbles up inside you and you feel like you're 5 years old again and could just run around in circles till you fell down!

~Walking past a store with the door open and air conditioning on while you're walking by on a hot day


~When my cell phone gets no signal on vacations

~Hot Chocolate after snow shoveling or sledding/snowboarding!

~The realization that coincidences aren't actually coincidences at all...everything happens for a reason

~The feeling(s) of Love/being loved


~Snow Days
Member Since:January 21, 2005
Last Login:August 25, 2012
Location:Manchester, CT
Birthday:January 27
Music means to me:everything!
Schools:Manchester High School class of '02,
CT Center for Massage Therapy
General Interests:Going to concerts…Watchin movies…Soccer…Playin the drums (but i'm learning how to tickle the keys!)… Snowboarding…Running...Macaroni and cheese…Experiencing new things… Pretty much the fun stuff in life with a clever spin on it every now and then!


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