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About me:I'm an eighteen year old vegetarian music nut whose life basically evolves around music. I plan on taking up playing drums and hopefully becoming a successful musician someday. I plan on starting college in August and getting in Journalism. I'm definately a free spirit and consider myself to be a hippie.
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Location:Hamilton, OH
Birthday:March 30
Music means to me:Everything. It's my life basically. I not only love bands and listening to music but I want to play it myself. I love buying vinyl and it's definately my favorite music format. I plan on getting a drum set very shortly and taking lessons. I hope to someday give back to people what music has given me in my life. My favorite bands are Led Zeppelin (my favorite. my idols), Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, Nick Drake, The Who, The Band, The Black Crowes, Phish, Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan, The Byrds, The Ramones, The Kinks, CSN&Y, Jimi Hendrix, Alice Cooper,Miles Davis, Sun Ra, B.B. King, Captain Beefheart, Robert Johnson, Tom Waits,etc......
General Interests:Reading - I love to read biographies on my favorite bands. I also enjoy reading Tolkien and Arthur C Clarke and Stephen King novels and books about ghosts and the paranormal. Sports - I'm also an avid sports nut whose a huge Cleveland sports fan and Montreal Canadiens fan. I love the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Cleveland Browns, the Cleveland Indians and the Montreal Canadiens.