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About me:I keeps it real
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Location:Potsdam, NY
Birthday:September 24
Music means to me:went to school for music, till i realized that beating yourself with an instrument can sometimes make you hate music....so i switched to business and now I can once again just enjoy myself while listening to or playing music.
Schools:I'm gunna be in college for a while
General Interests:Skiin, playin guitar, cycling, swimmin in rivers and waterfalls, singin, lettin loose, my band, workin at a box office http://cpspotsdam.org check us out, we bring in some good artists every once and a while.
Other Distractions:my band...Mustache Ridez


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still training for all good
Mon 6/2/2008 7:10PM
consistantly riding 30-50 miles a day 5 days of the week. Hoping to be at 70 miles a day by the time july 1st rolls around. can't wait to show up early.
Bobby McFerrin's Chauffeur!!!
Wed 2/27/2008 11:26AM
I'm the Assistant Manager at the CPS Box Office on SUNY Potsdam campus in New York, and we are having Bobby McFerrin perform here this evening.  I just got word that I get to drive Bobby around today!!! I was so psyched I just had to post this! I'll have more to
All Good Bike Trip
Mon 2/25/2008 2:07PM
I've been to roo' the past two years and had the time of my life. But being couped up in a car for the whole trip I feel like I'm missin a lot of the whole travelin experience. I'm thinkin about riding my bike to a festival each summer and I just got two buddies on board. We are gunna start fairly close, we live in upstate NY and are gunna try for All Good this year. It should be about 600 miles and we are gunna give ourselves about 8 days to get there so that we can push it some days and take a day or two off. We'll have a shag car that we will take truns drivin on the way down and then drive it home when the festivals over (I personally don't think I'd have the energy to ride home too after a festival, takes a lot outta me