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About me:I enjoy many types of music. My all-time high is going to see live shows. I attend OSU and live in Stillwater, Ok and not many good bands make their way to middle america so I find myself traveling a lot. (I'm not complaining, that's my second favorite past time)
Member Since:November 25, 2006
Last Login:March 6, 2008
Location:Stillwater, OK
Birthday:April 19
Music means to me:It is one of the purest expressions of emotion. Music is one thing I live for, without it many of us would be lost. It has the ability to bring people together from all different parts of the world, it can turn a bad day into a good day as well as give you a different outlook on life or a certain situation. It can make you cry, laugh, or just simply think. It inspires people to dance and that in itself is one quality I couldn't live without.
Schools:Prairie Grove High School in Arkansas, and Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Ok
General Interests:Music (that's a given), Competition kickboxing, dirtbikes, reading, dancing, and guitar.


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