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About me:62 year old NORCAL Hippie - was at the first human Be-in
in GG Park - SF - spent 1965 thru 69 in the Haight - Ashbury
tripped, made love, peace and unity - went to most all of the concerts back then at the Avelon and Fillmore. Now I live in Laytonville, California (Kickbackville).
Member Since:September 8, 2007
Last Login:September 10, 2007
Location:Laytonville, CA
Birthday:October 23
Music means to me:The language of the Universe
Schools:62 years of living, loving and being with beautiful people
General Interests:Computer graphics and art, creating computer music, exploring the Internet (all areas) going to music concerts
Reggae On The River and The Mateel Community Center ->
Other Distractions:Exploring the Universe on Psychedelics


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