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About me:I came to get down
Member Since:July 21, 2006
Last Login:April 4, 2014
Location:Chattanooga, TN
Birthday:July 17
Music means to me:Music is everything to me. You form a community through music and it helps me to express my self.You dont always need words to describe a feeling or a certain meaningful experence, you can simply feel the rythems and beats to express you self. The best part about music to me is the beautiful dance party that it creates.
Schools:Columbia State
General Interests:Doing stuff outside with my buds, shows, dancing, seeing a really good movie, and laughing.
Other Distractions:Movies: Forest Gump, Almost Famous, V for Vendetta, Dazed and Confused, Pay It Foward, and Office Space
TV Shows: CSI and That 70's show
Books: The Alchemist, Oh The Place's We'll Go, and Stillness Speaks


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