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About me:I'm from Minnesota- the minneapolis area... I love the scene and natural scenes back there. I currently attend Evergreen in Olympia, WA, studying environmental studies/policy, human rights, and life. I love outdoor activities, to camp, hike, bike, etc. I love the live shows and festival expeditions. I like art, I love photography... I don't know what else to say.
Member Since:January 29, 2008
Last Login:January 30, 2008
Location:Olympia, WA
Birthday:September 24
Music means to me:Music means quite a bit to me, I grew up playing multiple instruments, and look forward to a future love affair with the banjo. Music means community, friends, connections, nostalgia, anticipation and networking, memories, through live shows, festivals, touring, talking, planning, collaborating, etc. Music means creativity, bliss, inspiration, peace, joy, peace of mind... another dimension of being, that affects every sense in profound ways.
Schools:I graduated high school in Minnesota, in 2007.
I currently am a freshman at Evergreen State College- class of 2011. I will be going to various schools in the future, I want to learn it all.
General Interests:I'm interested in just about everything. Natural healing, Sustainable agriculture, writing, photography, various art forms, human rights, animals and their rights, humans and their rights, world issues, current events, environmentalism, sustainable development, activism, and volunteering for things that I believe in.
Other Distractions:Planning ahead, learning about every little thing.


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