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About me:44, grandfather twice (as of V-tines 08), love to see shows, but don't get as many chances as before. Life is great just the same. Got a beautiful wife, a step-daughter who is trying to re-populate the world and a son who is kicking ass in school (grades that is)
Member Since:May 26, 2001
Last Login:December 3, 2013
Location:Roanoke, VA
Birthday:May 7
Music means to me:Watching a band play live is the most fun I have ever had where there was more than 3 other people around who could see me
General Interests:The Packers, the Orioles, and great top-end beers
Other Distractions:I would say pornography, but the last time someone tried to offer me some pornography I had to turn them down. I don't own a pornograph


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