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About me:The Lakeshore Theater’s mission is simplicity itself: To be an artist-driven theater dedicated to comedy as an uncompromising form of expression rather than a simple means to force herds of hapless customers to buy watered-down drinks and scarf down undercooked chicken wings.

A comedic “Art House” if you will, the Lakeshore Theater is, in the world of comedy, what Kurusawa is to Michael Bay, what Daniel Johnston is to Britney Spears and yes, what Doug Stanhope is to Dane Cook. Every other comedy room in the Country plays “top 40” – we play jazz.
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Bandsintown presents Lakeshore Theater's Acoustic Series ft/ The Lifeline, IJ Quinn, and Mark Minelli
Wed 3/10/2010 9:18AM
The Lifeline - ""Class meets Sass”. Sophistication paired with an attitude that would make James Dean proud and Mozart blush. “I’ve always kind of considered myself to be the sass
Jon LaJoie @ Lakeshore Theater 9/24/2010 & 9/25/2010
Tue 3/9/2010 10:59AM