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About me:I've been hooked for 14 years now and you will still find me at various shows, that kick ass, all around the country. I love my dogs, my family/friends, traveling, learning, meeting Kind people, and music of course.
Member Since:December 30, 2001
Last Login:August 3, 2011
Location:Waukegan, IL
Birthday:August 6
Music means to me:Everything. It is the soundtrack of my life, and my soul. I couldn't possibly live without it.
Schools:Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Illinois State University
General Interests:Enjoying Life. Finding Bliss. Being thankful for what I've got, instead of worrying about things I've not. : )

Avoiding people that suck.
Other Distractions:I can pretty much be distracted by just about anything for a cool minute.


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