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About me:La Junta began early 2004 with a sound combining various musical styles. Influenced by so many genres ranging from jazz, blues, rock, reggae, latin and hip-hop every song is significantly different from the next. Attempting to blend each sound we believe we have found something very refreshing in a world of cardboard cutouts. With our unique style as a backdrop we reflect what we observe in our everyday lives as well as represent who we are and where we come from in a positive way. Nick-(Acoustic guitar) began writing songs in 2001 after teaching himself basics for a couple of years. By 2002 Nick began jamming with high school homie David-(electric/classical guitar) to waste away the nights. Around that same time grade school homie Aaron (Percussion) would begin to sit in to complete what was the begining of La Junta. Shortly after Corazon introduced La Junta to an talented up and coming bassist Matt Ojinaga (Bass) and by 2003 La Junta was complete. late 2003 at a show in Az. high school homie Matt C.T (Turntables/Vocals) jammed with La Junta for the first time adding to the diversity of its sound. With help from World Records Music(S.F.), and The Conservatory for Arts and Sciences (AZ.), and our friend B (cousin), we recorded our first full length album BLUE COLLAR BEATS which was released late 2005. Recently, original member David left the group, and shortly after so did Matt C.T. to focus on his work with his group. Since then we have made two additions: 1. Danny Corazon (Auxiliary Percussion) adding to the group with his love of music and enthusiasm. 2. Delmone Taylor (Alto/Tenor Saxaphone) brings a musical talent, back round, and knowledge, that would make Coltrane proud. Together, with our unique style as a background, we reflect what we do and see in ever day life, as well as who we are and where we come from in a positive but often sarcastic way. Mad Junta Love! "La pluma tiene mas fuerza que la espada!" ~Posada "The pen is more forceful then the sword!"

Nicolas (Pena) Pena..Acoustic/Electric/Lead Vocals
Aaron (Lambo) Lamb...Drum kit/Backup vocals
Matt (Oji) Ojinaga....Bass
Danny (Corazon) Hart....Percussion/Backup vocals

Member Since:February 23, 2007
Last Login:March 6, 2007
Location:Santa Fe, NM
Birthday:September 25
Music means to me:The breathe of life, catering to the mind, it's an addiction of love, above the highest high, it's like, where's the time?, and where am i?, a pallet beyond the pigment, no black or white, no plaque 4 hype, so clap for life, or whatever preserves yours, fact or lie, cuz whatever concerns yours, makes me wanna earn more, as i turn more pages in this ageless book of journeys, turning every page, with help of every day, string after string, and every rain, to maintain this pace of dreams, it seems to me it reflects this life of feans, scenes of a movie, effortless true shit truly, to take out and use it, some say it's maroon, often it's blueish, it's usually decent, sometimes it's chude shit, it can go from respect to neglect cuz some abuse it, like night to light with implied coolness, clueless of all the miles of styles in which to groove with, like me likely hyping, just do it, it tastes so good, go on and chew it, its apart of me so you know i can't loose it, this is my voice, this is music.
Schools:Santa Fe High, Capital High, St. Michael's High, The University of New Mexico, Central New Mexico College
General Interests:Music, Art, Outdoors, Food, Good times and Good people.
Other Distractions:We all love the Reggae on the River dvd, Ben Harper dvd, Simpsons, to learn more musical tips. Playboy magazine (Great Articles!).


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