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About me:Let me start with the good things. I am a proud father of twin boys (age 4)for now and have the best dog in my whole world (Sassy ).I am a native Hoosier who loves my Harley,appreciates music ,and all forms of art, good people great beer , camping , fishing, and loving as much as I can would sum it up.
Member Since:May 4, 2007
Last Login:August 18, 2009
Location:Indianapolis, IN
Birthday:August 26
Music means to me:Music has always been there for me.Thru the good and bad I have always been able to find an artist that has felt the same way I do at the time. It allows me to feel not so alone in this conformed world that I live in. I can escape into something that I only feel, like the way I feel when I ride, and i can have the freedom to share it with whom I choose.My thick tongue can't say what I think, thats what ths artist and their music are there for;( ThankYou All )
Schools:IUPUI of Indianapolis, Ivy Tech of Indianapolis
General Interests:Motorcycles, My kids, All local art and music, camping, reading, golf, organic farming, wine


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