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About me:Born and raised in the Southeast so I don't mind visiting the snow-bound states, but living there would certainly be a challenge! I love musical theatre, great vocalists, great comedy and a little country-pop style music dropped into the mix for fun. I treasure each and everyday, so I look for something positive, happy, silly or funny in each day simply because it makes those icky days more tolerable!!
Member Since:February 2, 2009
Last Login:February 2, 2009
Location:Phenix City, AL
Birthday:December 1
Music means to me:LOVE IT!!
Makes me happy and gives me millions of reasons to continue dreaming....
Schools:went to college-prep high school and 4 year university
General Interests:Books, photography, crafty-type projects -scrap-booking, quilting, etc., musical theater especially, but theater overall is wonderful. Keeping great and loyal friends always near-by and in my heart.