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About me:I'm a kind soul currently living in Arlington, Texas (outside of Dallas). I was an army brat, so I got to move around alot when I was younger. I've lived in Texas, Virginia, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Germany. Most of the time I feel like a stranger to the people around me, I don't buy into alot of the cliches of modern society. I treasure my friendships the most. I try to live my life by the "Golden Rule" and would like to believe that "you get what you give" .
Member Since:May 13, 2004
Last Login:September 6, 2012
Location:Arlington, TX
Birthday:August 30
Music means to me:My Religion.
Schools:West Springfield High School 89-91, Northern Virginia Community College 91-93
General Interests:Music is the be all end all with me. I love listening to and playing it all the time. I love to read, watch movies, go to concerts, go to renfaires, play RPG's, Drink good beer, Eat good food, learning to cook, walks in the park, Museums, and sleep in sometimes.
Other Distractions:I watch a little tv. Good Eats, The Daily Show, The Weather Channel, True Blood, House, and The Venture Brothers. I love a good movie. Dr.Strangelove, Slither, LOTR Trilogy, The original Star Wars, Boondock Saints, Big Fish, The Big Lebowski, High Fidelity, Matrix, O Brother Where Art Thou, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Snatch, Seven, Fight Club, High Road To China, The Last Waltz, and Serendipity. I could really go on forever with the movie thing. Two of my favorite books are "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho and "Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close" by Jonathon Safran Foer. I highly recommend both.


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