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About me:I'm a 45 year young guitarist who's had the bug to play since the age of 13.
From 2007-2010, I played with a Orlando based cover band called 4th Wall Broken. We worked local bars and eventually the Plaza mainstage at Universal Studios Citiwalk. The band has recently disbanded and I'm currently without an outfit of like minded musicians.
I am a fan of American made guitars (Hamers before the Fender buyout, G&L, and Heritage) and I love my two Warmoths I've put together for outdoor work. I love my EVH 5150III amp as well as the Marshall, Boogie, and Peavey amps I use often. My effects and switching run through a TC G-Force and and RJM guitar gizmo. I run George L's cables because nothing touches them for purity and quietness.
Member Since:March 16, 2011
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Location:Orlando, FL
Birthday:January 1
Music means to me:I've been lured by the sounds of sad melodies, happy pop beats, and thunderous viking rock riffs since I was a kid. The only thing that doesn't sound musical to me is the droning of constant rapping that has no melody to follow, shreiking and screaming for the sake of "showing emotion," or the squeal of a soprano hitting notes that only dogs can hear.
For me, music is God's gift to human kind in order to understand the spiritual world that is all around us, but not visible to us through our normal senses. That spiritual world is a continual battle between good and evil. Music reflects that battle and allows us to be aware of it, if we are wiling to listen beyond a lyric or a beat.
I love music, especially when it's performed live and without machines involved. I love to hear the ability and soul of another human being translating their heart and soul through the air to my ears and soul. I love music to be loud enough to fill the air around me so I feel like I'm swimming in it. I don't like that volume to take me away like a tidal wave. Too loud is as bad as too soft.
I love to see younger artists develop a love and a craft with their voice and instrument. It's time for the point and click generation to go beyond Guitar Hero and create the next wave, the next voice. We need this desperately as a race.
I hope to pass from this life to the next still holding my guitar with all my loved ones around me. And I really pray I get to continue to play for the Kingdom when I'm walking in His Glory forever.


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