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About me:“’Growing up’ in the New York City music scene is what’s taught me the importance of staying true to my sound - my music, my art, myself.” Singer/songwriter Kristin Kelly credits her past and present mentors of the music industry for her ability to maintain a voice of her own in a world full of cookie cutter sounds and artists. “She sings what she loves and what she knows... nothing else,” says manager Bernadette Brennan of Nightlife Productions. “She’s got one of the best voices in New York City,” says Don Lawrence, renowned vocal coach who taught Kristin for 8 years.

Always lighting up the stage, her character and charisma won her endless praise by her peers and audiences alike. While she loved every aspect of performing it was clear when and where she shined the most. Her voice set her apart from the rest and amazed everyone who listened. “Singing was always something that made me feel special,” says Kristin. “When I was singing there was nothing in the world that could touch me, nothing.”

After a brief production deal with Jimmy Harry, who is now working with artists like Kelly Clarkson, Kristin was introduced to Don Lawrence (The Rolling Stones, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera) an eminent vocal coach in New York City who has worked with many of the leading singers in popular music today. Don had a huge impact on Kristin’s career and her praises for him are endless. “Working with Don changed my approach to singing completely and, to me, marked the beginning of my achievements. After practically 5 minutes with him, I was making sounds and hitting notes once inconceivable. He is truly a pioneer, a mentor and someone I hold very close to my heart.” From this point on, it never stopped.

The road ahead wasn’t going to be easy - after all, Kristin dreamed of big success and nothing but big success would do. What she didn’t know was that her entire idea of “success” was about to change. She found her way into just about every studio in New York City writing and recording song after song with different writers and producers, including Eddie Baez (Cher), Rob Fusari (Destiny’s Child, Jessica Simpson), RedOne (Shakira), David Anthony and Ron Lawrence. After countless hours in the booth she sometimes emerged with nothing, other times learned the songs were for other artists, but most of the time - and most importantly - she gained priceless experience. She learned to use every second of that experience and she allowed it to only make her better. This is when she realized that success didn’t necessarily mean fame and fortune, it was something greater. Success was every time she was able to do something she loved. It was the beginning of every song and the end of every session. It was every time she stepped in front of a microphone and surrounded herself with amazingly talented people.

It is this understanding that sets Kristin apart from so many. Her smooth, soulful voice delivers a confection of sounds and textures that never fail to amaze. Its only a matter of time before the world takes notice.
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