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Sorry from the Shower (Text Interpretation)
Sun 3/21/2010 3:14PM
A man and his wife get into an argument about religion. The argument is trivial, but it’s the type that can break up a new marriage. She, a strict catholic, allows no room for interpretation as far as religious viewpoints are concerned. He believes there is a God, but wonders what kind of god would send every person of non-religion or different religion to hell, despite the life they lived
In a River at the Festival
Sun 3/21/2010 3:10PM
We only watched people go by sitting on the river, our bodies limp from dancing the night before and roasting in the morning sun. Music festivals always brought the oddest people together. A blonde girl with curls down to her shoulders stood on a cliff downstream. The cliff was no taller than a man if he was standing on the water, but it was the place to go because of the deeper pool of dark green, cool water that lay beneath it signaling a place to plunge. Her breasts were bare, like many of the women in the camp, but two handprints made of paint were smattered on her pink, pale skin that took the place of a bathing suit top. One handprint was a mixture of black and blue and the other a mixture of blue and red, but not enough to make purple. She jumped in the river and disappeared into the darkness. When she emerged after a long awaited, anticipatory period, her paint had lost some of its luster. The blue and black and red ran down her slightly overweight stomach, like mascara from weeping eyes. Her pink, red pupils now showed themselves to the spectators, her obliviousness making it much more appealing. She lay down face first on her tie-dye skirt, and put her hands above her head, only exposing the sides of her breasts and the untended hair beneath her arms