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About me:Mainly grew up in the midwest. About 10 min from Deer Creek, which makes me one lucky SOB if you know what I mean. Was born out in Mass. but lived in a couple different areas of the country as well. Grew up playing hockey and golf, and was lucky enough to have older brothers that provided me with many different musical influences growing up. Still live in Indy, and am currently working in the medical field as a Radiology Tech. I have a great family and friends, and I know how lucky I am for that!!
Member Since:March 1, 2011
Last Login:July 18, 2015
Location:Byron Center, MI
Birthday:October 2
Music means to me:This is a hard one to explain, or I should say I think I need way more then 5000 characters to explain what music means to me. Music is something that can make me feel better no matter what mood I'm in. It can change my perspective on life. It can make me a better person. ETC, ETC, ETC. Overall music is something that keeps me going everyday, and inspires me to grow and evolve everyday just like music does itself.
Schools:Ball State University
General Interests:Hockey, Golf, Movies, and of course women!


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