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About me:Just ask me and I'll tell you
Member Since:March 7, 2008
Last Login:July 27, 2015
Location:Southbury, CT
Birthday:March 26
Music means to me:I live for music and it is like a good book that you never can put down always wanting to know what is going to happen next. Music is always playing in my room and my car. I just can not disconnect myself to music. I love going to concerts and hearing music it‘s a dependence for me. I set myself to multitude of shows throughout the year and never stop it’s an addiction. I have also been playing my guitar and getting better each day. I anticipate to play for you someday…cheers!
General Interests:playing the guitar,camping,hiking,cycling,going to shows,touring,skipping rocks on the river, swaying with the trees, traveling, reading, drawing, and painting
Other Distractions:whiskey, dank beer, beautiful women, swaying with the trees, skipping rocks down by the river


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