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Thu 2/28/2008 8:29AM
So This cold weather is getting to me, real bad. I live in columbus ohio, i know some have it worse, some have it better. Its just shitty here. I recently saw moe. and yonder w/ fishman in the last month, bothe were awesome shows. Festival season is approaching, and its killing me. I think i will be attending summercamp with moe, umphrey's, STS9, G. Love and many more! I went last year and had a blast, and now more of my friends already have their ticket, so that basically means, ill be there! I'm really looking forward to the new black crowes cd coming out next week, the single "goodbye daughters of the revolution" is very cool. Also looking forward to Perpetual Groove on 4.19 here in columbus with One Under. I swear though if have the oppurtunity to see Franti and Spearhead anytime soon, i will be there, hell or high water. Lovin' Franti and Spearhead right now. Just please get warm soon, so we can all play outside