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About me:Kelly Waldrip, 35 years old, east bay resident.bassist/vocalist/writer for the stoner metal band: SLUDGEBUCKET going since late 2005-present.Taking influence from Sleep,High On Fire,Cream,Hendrix,Black Sabbath,Frank Zappa,King Crimson,Black Flag,Melvins,Circle Jerks,Motorhead,etc.
Member Since:November 26, 2010
Last Login:December 1, 2010
Location:San Lorenzo, CA
Birthday:November 19
Music means to me:pretty much everything.I love many genres ranging from soul,r&b,funk,blues,jazz,progressive,60s/70s rock,psychedelic,metal,punk,doom,stoner,reggae, and more.I also love playing writing music, as well as playing covers.I play bass,guitar, didjereedoo,sing, and write my own songs mixing classic rock,punk,metal,and progressive with a touch of doom.
Schools:san lorenzo adult school
General Interests:hiking,biking,movies,hanging with my woman, family, and friends.
Other Distractions:recording, and doing artwork.


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