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About me:VCU student, into live music around Richmond. Gotten out of the scene a bit lately, so I'm excited to go out and see some bands play that I've never seen before.

And soon I'll hopefully be touring with my own band, Boom Boom Pancake and the Belgian Waffles! I'm the lead vocalist.
Member Since:July 3, 2006
Last Login:July 8, 2006
Location:Richmond, VA
Birthday:February 13
Music means to me:It's like oxygen. Need it all the time every day. There's nothing better than going to a good show with friends. Except maybe if it's a free show... With alcohol. Better than that? Free show with free alcohol.
Schools:Virginia Commonwealth University
General Interests:Music, Sleep, drinking, Karaoke, Tattoos (I have 2), hanging out at the Village Cafe, ransacking and plundering villages with my pirate crew.
Other Distractions:I love to read. Classics and children's books are my favorites (Harry Potter included - Oh my God those books are amazing), but my favorites right now are No Exit by Satre, and Catch 22. General Shithead. Girl, you know it's true.


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