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About me:Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls; Doctors and Hippies, Kitties and Squirrels- Welcome to Karrgo Bossajova. Warning: things might get unstoppably funky. KBJ is the brainchild of 4 west coast-grown musicians. They began as a jam band with an underlying rock mentality. But they infused their combined musical influences-- funk, jazz, blues, heavy metal, and psychedelia-- to create a progressive, improvisatory musical style full of flavor that can be known only as Karrgo Bossajova. From heavy crunch tones to light harmonic textures to choppy funk rhythms, Karrgo Bossajova has a little bit of everything for everyone and will keep any crowd dancing for hours on end! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Booking: Blake Norris - blake_k_norris@hotmail.com 971-506-9760 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Location:Ashland, OR
Birthday:March 15
Music means to me:Words couldn't express.
General Interests:The Outdoors, Gardening


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