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About me:Hey everyone.
I'm Kyle Boland. I'm a Sophomore at St. Francis Borgia Regional High School. 6'4. Blue eyes. Yada, yada, yada.
I completely LOVE! meeting new people with the same interests such as music! So lets talk and go to a freakin' show!
Member Since:August 19, 2007
Last Login:October 19, 2007
Location:Washington, MO
Birthday:August 29
Music means to me:It's just so great. Expression through Music is one of the greatest things humanity has ever concieved. When me and my band get together and jam, every once in a while we just get like, in the ZONE and it feels amazing! I love music and I'll teach my kids to follow the same path.
Schools:Our Lady Of Lourdes Elementary, Saint Francis Borgia Regional High School.
General Interests:Music, playing drums, video games, Guitar Hero!, my great girlfriend 'Deanna', meeting new people, going to concerts, listening to and discovering new music, having fun with friends, and jamming with Dale and Joe.
Other Distractions:The Halo book series.
Attack Of The Show, X-Play, Rock Life, True Life, Harvey Birdman: Attourney At Law, Metalocalypse, music videos.
Disturbia, School Of Rock, and some of the other literally 300 DVDS I have.


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About my Drum Set
Sun 8/26/2007 8:21PM

This is a little paragraph I had to write in English. I chose my drum set,              enjoy.


Kyle Boland