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About me:I moved to New Orleans in the summer of 2002. I now understand why people say the city is haunted, because I still want to party here when I'm dead.

I constantly go out and enjoy music in the city and anywhere else I get the chance to visit. I usually spend my summers traveling up and down the west coast chasing the beat and escaping hurricanes.

I occasionally put small shows together under the names "Life's a Party," "New Orleans Certified," or "A Conscious Tune." Check www.AConsciousTune.net for updates.
Member Since:May 23, 2003
Last Login:December 20, 2011
Location:New Orleans, LA
Birthday:June 16
Music means to me:I started dancing at the age of 2 and am an alumna of one of the best dance schools in the nation, Sheffield's in Mobile, AL. I was a ballet teacher in Laplace, LA before Hurricane Katrina. Live music has always been my best outlet for dance. It teaches me to be a good listener and to not worry about what others may think.
Schools:Loyola University New Orleans, University of New Orleans
General Interests:Dance, Music, New Orleans Culture / Heritage / Preservation / Revival, Costumes, Peacocks, Hot Tubs, Beaches, Yoga, Hiking, Camping, Freedom & Equality, Writing, Smiling, Vegetarianism, Organic Culture, Cooking, Cakes (you'll have to ask), Green Energy, Funky Livin, Comfortable Shoes, Water, History, Mayan Culture, Sustainability, Travel, Global Warming, Hurricanes, Computers, Global Family, Unconditional / Universal Love.
Other Distractions:Dark Beer, Red Wine, Psychedelics... in moderation


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