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About me:just another hopeless dopefiend searchin 4 that ultimate SPIRITUAL fix through love,life,people, & music. wanna know more email me @
Member Since:February 27, 2004
Last Login:June 12, 2015
Location:Columbus, GA
Birthday:May 25
Music means to me:it is the vibration of the my entire being & universe, w/out it i would not exist. music is the language of the DIVINE CREATIVE CONSCIENCE from which all is formed. i enjoy listening to, dancing to, being in the presence of, creating and performing music. i am a percussionist who enjoys all genres of music. for a brief period of time & space i was the percussionist for a jamband named Skydog Gypsy from GA. i had the pleasure of sharing the stage w/ quite a few amazing musicians and people. i truly miss not performing these days but a beautiful wife & 2 amazing children continue to keep my creative lovelight shining brightly.
General Interests:everything that has to do w/ everyday living. life is such a blessing, so ever aspect & experience in life interests me these days


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