JunkyardEmpire's Profile

MC Brihanu (Lyrics)
Christopher Robin Cox (Trombone/electric keyboard)
Bryan Berry (Guitar)
Dan Choma (Bass)
Graham O'Brien (Drums)

"Politically charged...Musically relevent. Junkyard Empire insists upon delivering equal amounts of both Hip-Hop & Jazz executed by a 5 piece band. The messages they represent are strong: take control of your own destiny and question what the government tells you; make moving music and have fun doing it! Stamped by an original, dope group name & showing loads of potential both live & recorded, do not miss an opportunity to observe these cats." --Carnage.
Member Since:October 15, 2006
Last Login:November 6, 2008
Location:Saint Paul, MN
Music means to me:It is what clarifies everything else. It is the mysterious fortune-teller of times to come.
Schools:Sonoma State University, Manhattan School of Music, University of Minnesota, McNally Smith College of Music, Metropolitan State University, Cornell University.