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About me:Theatre is my passion, I am interested in lighting design and am currently studying at the University of Florida. Music is my release. I attend festivals every other month or so. My other release is mountain biking and the really the outdoors in general.
Member Since:June 1, 2007
Last Login:February 17, 2015
Location:Gainesville, FL
Birthday:June 29
Music means to me:Music is everywhere. It can flow like a mountain stream, or crash like a wave along the eastern seaboard. It is a great influence in my life, a release from the daily trials and tribulation. I have a passion in life and I use music to allow me to take a break and reflect. Its nice to know that I will all ways have music even when life seems its most uncertain. It changes and grows with me and I with it. Love is all around and music connect the scattered pieces.
Schools:Florida Community College at Jacksonville - AA
University of Florida - BFA - Theatrical Lighting Design - in progress
General Interests:Well there's a lot. outdoors, indoors, outer space, inside my mind, oh yeah I'm a Theatre major. Production that is. no meat or chicken, I go to the festival, that occasional acid flashback, but there no fun............... well thats a start. but who reads this anyway.......
Other Distractions:Well, ya-know. There is a special place for phyco active substances.


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