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About me:i love music. i play drums, guitar, piano, saxophone, harmonica, mandolin, and some violin. but cant sing for shit.
im mainly into indie electronic music right now, i think its gettin pretty big in the underground counter culture for they're catchy but not so much poppy beats which is getting kids to start dancing rather than sit there bobbing their heads.
Member Since:September 7, 2008
Last Login:September 22, 2011
Location:Austin, TX
Birthday:April 29
Music means to me:Music is my heroin. I need it everyday and if I go a day without it, i get sick and can't function. Im not good at anything else. so it is basically all i have. I love it.
Schools:Art Institute of Austin
Austin Community College
Lake Travis High School
General Interests:women, movies, books
Other Distractions:people turning my radio down or off in my car because someone is calling them. just wait til u get out of the car. please,


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