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About me:I'm apparently living this life. I was born and I ate, pissed and shit. Got older, got a car, got laid, lied, cheated, and never stole anything I didn't deserve. I left home with high hopes and no real expectations. I was frequently lucky.I went to school to learn and fuck and drink. I got a piece of paper that will (hopefully) allow me to make more money, so that I can drink better booze and fuck more attractive people and that is I up to date. Life's really not as complicated as "they" said it would be.
Member Since:February 25, 2011
Last Login:April 27, 2012
Location:Richmond, VA
Birthday:November 17
Music means to me:It means something's happening. It's laughs and drinks and friends. It's rain or shine, and at its best it smells of old paper and vinyl.
Schools:Radford University
General Interests:Bad scotch and worse habits. The Win. A good catch phrase. Sitcoms old and new of varying degrees of goodness. A good puffy chair / ottoman combo. Sunglasses. Road trips.


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